Temperature level: T30

          Pressure level: MAP10

          Pressure loss level:   P63

          Upstream flow sensitivity level: U0

    Downstream flow sensitivity level: D0



   A) Low area (Q1 ≤ Q < Q2) maximum permissible error is ±5%.

   B) High area (Q2 ≤ Q < Q4) maximum permissible error is ±2%.


    Recording the total amount of cold water flowing through the water pipe.



Between the impeller and the counter of the dry water meter series is magnetic transmission; the combination of the character wheel and the pointer display the meter reading. The dry water meter has the advantages of convenient reading, staying clear at long term, waterproof, long life and so on. According to the requirements of users, the functions of external magnetic interference and far transmission can be added on the water meter.

The word wheel counting part of liquid water meter’s counting mechanism adopts special liquid packaging. Pointer counting deceleration part can keep full irrigation for a long time, with the advantages of compact structure, high precision, small starting flow, anti fouling, convenient reading, reliable, beautiful appearance and other characteristics, especially suitable for use in the domestic water supply network. This series of water meters use special wear-resistant materials. Via the error trend gradually positive treatment it can avoid water loss.

l L - GL-MJ-15~50 is a high sensitivity dripping water meter with starting flow less than or equal to 2L/h, which can effectively prevent stealing water.



The technical parameters of the water meter are in accordance with the national standard GB/T 778.1~3-2007 (ISO4064-1~3:2005, IDT), which can produce AWWA water meter.