This meter is used to measure the total amount of water flowing through the water pipe, not suitable for corrosive liquids.



 Wider Range Ratio, Advocating Water Conservation

The range ratio is up to R200~400, and due to the full measurement, the water meter can reduce the water loss and improves the economic benefit; users will thus strengthen the awareness of water conservation and reduce water wastage.

² Lower Pressure Loss, Saving Electricity Supply

The pressure damage is lower than 0.01MPa, only the 1/10 of the rotor type water meter, which greatly saves the water supply electricity fee, provides the circulation ability and the water supply height, and delays the transformation of the network management. It is combined with water supply pressure down to reduce pipe leakage.


² Long Measuring Life, More than One Test Cycle

With hydraulic balancing technology of impeller mechanism, the impeller is suspended in the middle when the flow is slightly larger to prevent shaft end wear, thereby greatly improving the service life of water meter metering; "solar sail" technology, makes the flow more smoothly, and the parts wear will not affect the meter error.


² Low Installation Requirement, Reducing the Initial Investment

This water meter is with dual-rectifier mechanism, so that the installation of water meters straight pipe requirements reduced to U0D0, shorten the gauge size.


² High Strength Mechanism Movement, Anti-magnetic and Anti-theft

The whole cylindrical mechanism movement is fixed on the finishing the watch case bore with good rigidity and reliability; wet, liquid sealed counter is better in sensitivity, with anti-magnetic and anti-theft.