Combination Water Meter


  Temperature level: T30

      Pressure level: MAP10

Pressure loss level:   P25

Upstream flow sensitivity level: U0

Downstream flow sensitivity level: D0



A) Low area (Q1 ≤ Q < Q2) maximum permissible error is ±5%.

  B) High area (Q2  Q < Q4) maximum permissible error is ±2%.


Recording the total amount of cold water flowing through the water pipe.



The Combination Water Meter is called Duplex water meter. It is composed of a large diameter detachable spiral wing dry or liquid sealing water meter, or composed of a small diameter spiral dry or liquid sealed water meter and a flow conversion device. According to the size of the water flow, the flow conversion device automatically controls the flow of water through the small caliber water meter or the large water meter. Thus the measurement of small diameter water meter to the maximum flow rate of large diameter water meter, is the largest range of all water meters.

This water meter has the advantages of novel structure, convenient maintenance, wide measurement range, and small starting flow. It can meet the needs of large flow metering, and maximize the measurement of small flow to reduce the measurement loss, which is mostly suitable for non-continuous flow of water pipe network, such as residential areas, schools, hospitals, hotels, factories and mines usually with little water but a network of fire water requirements. It is recommended to use other water meters for the pipeline with no long term and very small flow.

The Integral Combination Water Meter is more beautiful in appearance, more compact in structure, more convenient in installation and maintenance than the Split Combination Water Meter.



The technical parameters of the water meter are in accordance with the national standard GB/T 778.1~3-2007 (ISO4064-1~3:2005, IDT).