Volumetric Rotary Piston Water Meter


          Temperature level: T30

          Pressure level: MAP10

          Pressure loss level:   P63

          Upstream flow sensitivity level: U0

   Downstream flow sensitivity level: D0



    A) Low area (Q1  Q < Q2) maximum permissible error is ±5%.

    B) High area (Q2  Q < Q4) maximum permissible error is ±2%.


Recording the total amount of cold water flowing through the water pipe.

The pure water meter is used to record the total amount of cold water flowing through a direct drinking water pipeline.



This series of water meter adopts a rotary piston type metering mechanism with the advantage of high measuring precision. The counting mechanism adopts a special liquid package, which has the advantages of clear reading, light appearance and check valve on the water intake to prevent back-flow, etc. According to customers requirements, it can be converted into electrical signal output and thus achieve the purpose of remote reading.

Pure water meter is a kind of volumetric rotary water meters with the application of the actual measured principle to record the total amount of drinking water through the piston rotation. The counter is separated from the water, so the numerical value showed is clear. The materials used are in accordance with the hygienic standard of drinking water meter. This water meter has the merits of small starting flow, high measuring accuracy, health, easy reading and so on, which is especially suitable for occasions with good water quality and high water fee.



The technical parameters of the water meter are in accordance with the national standard GB/T 778.1~3-2007 (ISO4064-1~3:2005, IDT).