GRRS/GSM Water Meter, MBUS/RS485 Water Meter


This water meter is used to measure the total amount of water flowing through the tap water, and the valve can be controlled by the bus.


This series of water meter sensor adopts non-contact photoelectric device. By using a new type of reliable coding method, the electronic reading and the water meter display number are synchronized, and the problem that the number of words can not be recognized can be overcome. In normal times, the electronic module is connected with the power supply, only when the meter reading it can be used to read the number of water meter. With the advantages of reliability, accurate copy, maintenance free and so on, there is no battery in the table and the valve adopts bus power supply control.



Mechanical measurement and other performance requirements meet the GB/T 778.1~3-2007 standard, and electronic devices is in line with the "electronic remote water meter" (CJ/T 224-2006) standard.